Our Commitment to Sustainable Farming Practices

Dries Orchards is a 50+ year old grower with a reputation for some of the very freshest and most flavorful fruit around. We are committed to using and continually improving on our sustainability efforts. We believe in the importance of making a positive impact, through support of our community and local organizations. We donate to the Central PA food bank, Lewisburg Childrens Museum and many local churches and schools.

A sustainable business earns profits by being socially responsible for our communities and protecting the use of our Earths resources. Being able to provide fresh healthy food to our customers is our number one priority. There are many factors that go into the “behind the scenes” sustainability efforts that our people practice daily.

From dripline irrigation, which helps conserve water and avoid soil erosion, to safer IPM practices =Integrated pest management practices which reduce the need for chemical spray applications to choosing an E.P.A Safer Choice approved cleaning product for our packing house and grading facility. Dries also offers a popular crate exchange program to our retailers, which greatly reduces cardboard carton usage. This crate program alone tremendously reduces cardboard waste from ending up in landfills as well as aids in tree preservation.

We carefully consider the long-term effects of decisions being made today. We have upgraded and replaced nearly all of our fluorescent lighting with high efficiency LED bulbs, reducing energy consumption. Our buildings may seem a bit “boring” with their all-white facades, however they are also clad with metal roofs. Metal roofing and the color white allows for excellent reflective tendencies to redirect heat on those hot summer days and allow greater air flow, in-turn keeping our 6 cooler facility more efficient by using less energy.

Our in-orchard “wind machines”, which are used to project warm air at the appropriate level to protect the delicate fruit blossoms from frost, are powered by propane gas and not diesel or gasoline.  It is a much cleaner fuel and reduces carbon emissions tremendously. Bees, yes bees, those precious winged creatures, are rented from local apiaries to assist in pollination in our fields. We also sell both clover and orange blossom honey in our store that is made from these magnificent winged pollinators !

As many of you know,  Dries Orchards has been producing cider for decades. Apple pomace (the left-over apple product after being pressed into cider) is donated to a local cattle farm to supplement feed the cattle. The cattle love apple pomace and it aids in keeping them well fed and healthy! No waste here.

From light bulbs to livestock and all the in between, we will continue to seek new ways to become even more sustainable. We have recyclables bins for beverage cans and take each opportunity, no matter how small, because we know it all starts with taking the first step to make a huge difference.

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